Why I’m Improving My Community with My Family

By Dr. Natasha Burgert, MD

At the beginning of last school year, our family made a #SchoolYrResolution to eat dinner at home more often. Do you know what? We did! 

To be clear, we were not perfect. There were certainly weeks that life’s busyness kept us from gathering around the dinner table. However, I was surprised at the number of times one of my kids would remind me of our goal, especially when they overheard my husband and I talking dinner plans. It was clear that committing to our resolution as a family made us all more accountable. Our kids were central to the effort of keeping us on track.

Over the past year, picking up some ingredients at the store to prepare at home, rather than picking entrees from a menu, became a more common and preferred occurrence. In fact, all the time in the kitchen got my 4th grader to try some new foods that she prepared. And, my 1st grader is a much bigger help in the kitchen. Truth.

We are excited to take the success of our #SchoolYrResolution and more forward into 2016 with our #GoalToBeGreater. We decided our goal as a family and are committed to work together to improve the space were we live; one walk at a time. 


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